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What is Open AI? How it Works (ChatGPT & Dall-E 2)?

What is Open AI? How it Works (ChatGPT & Dall-E 2)?

This post will cover a fantastic AI-based platform that will change the world and make your life easier than before.

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Nowadays, the most trending topic in technology is Artificial intelligence. It changes life completely. This post will cover a fantastic AI-based platform that will change the world and make your life easier than before.

OpenAI is a research institute focused on developing artificial intelligence in a way that is safe and beneficial for humanity. They are known for their work in developing advanced AI algorithms and systems, including large language models like GPT-3 and DALL-E.

OpenAI's mission is to ensure that AI technology is developed and used responsibly, focusing on positively impacting society. While OpenAI's research has many potential applications in the business world, it is not directly involved in providing business services. Instead, the insights and technologies developed by OpenAI's research team could be used by businesses in various ways, such as to improve decision-making, automate processes, and create new products and services.

For example, a business might use natural language processing techniques developed by OpenAI to improve customer service by building a more intelligent Chatbot. Additionally, machine learning algorithms developed by OpenAI could be used to improve supply chain management or make better market trend predictions.

Overall, OpenAI's research has the potential to benefit businesses by providing them with advanced AI technologies that can help them operate more efficiently and effectively.

Important Features of Open AI

1: ChatGPT (How it Works & Its Usage)

Chat GPT is one of the most trending topics right now. It's been less than a week since its release, and people's minds are being blown by what it can do. 

OpenAI break records with over 1 million users signed up in just five days, faster than Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram; you no longer will be Googling the answers to problems.

ChatGPT gives them detailed breakdowns with explanations of exactly how it works. This will make people question just how relevant Google will be in the coming future. Let's suppose we search a query on Google and ChatGPT “How to scale your business”. Just have a look at the results and how both of them cover the topic.

Chat GPT respond and help with suggestions
How to Schema - Result on SERPs

What exactly is ChatGPT? What makes it so powerful are things we need to find out. ChatGPT is a way of prompting an AI to solve or answer a question or a prompt in a human-like manner, very different from anything else we've seen before 

This can sound scary, especially to organizations like stack Overflow, which pride themselves on solving problems with human-related answers. Let me have a look at ChatGPT under the hood by actually using it and seeing just How useful it will become as part of our day-to-day life in development as well as any industry.

In case you didn't know, ChatGPT is entirely free. To try it out, open AI login with a new account and select the ChatGPT interface. I'm fond of the design. It's nice and straightforward, giving you examples as well as some capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT

Chat GPT - New Thread Interface

Some of these capabilities are pretty powerful things like remembering what a user said in a conversation and providing follow-up corrections as Well; the first thing I wanted to do is to see

Ask any question:

if it could tell me what python or Javascript is, and it gave me a pretty sound answer, saying that JavaScript is a programming language that is commonly used to add interactive elements to websites

Chat GPT returning information about JavaScript

Write Code on ChatGPT:

it could give me a Hello World function, not only did it write the function in such a manner that I could literally copy-paste it out, but it also explained the function to me

Chat GPT suggesting code

Fix Errors Of Your Code:

You can also fix the coding error on this tool and here is where things get interesting I've been working on a small application and I was getting an error that I couldn't figure out I decided to copy paste this error into ChatGPT to see what it would say here's some JavaScript code for a student grading application I'm working this code is pretty when I try to run it innode.js I copy pasted this straight into ChatGPT asking if it could fix the following code for me what I received back was my code fixed and not only that ChatGPT went through and gave me the code to copy paste and even explain to me precisely what was wrong why it was wrong and how it was fixed in this example.

I had written my return function incorrectly and here it's gone through and fixed that return making sure that it's spelled correctly this could have come from a real human even, for example a mentor or a supervisor that could be checked and reviewing your code. This could really be like a personal assistant officer.

Chat GPT suggesting code

Get Suggestions / Ideas

ChatGPT has a lot of relevance outside of programming since it's practical for anything here. I wanted to create a list of food I can eat that doesn't include carbs because I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight. It gave three dishes that I could have: Meat, Fish, Dairy products & Nuts as well as oils.

Chat GPT respond and help with suggestions

Taking this one step further, I asked if it could create a shopping list for me based on those meals, and yes, it did that very quickly not only that, it indented them and made them friendly and readable I think that ChatGPT is here to stay.

Chat GPT respond and help with suggestions

It'll be revolutionary. It'll become part of our day-to-day lives, similar to how Google has, and not only that, it's going to revolutionize so many Industries once they take full advantage of it; that is my opinion, though.

2: Dall-E 2(How it Works & Its Usage):

DALL-E 2 is a new AI system from OpenAI that can take simple text descriptions like “Flower on the wall” and turn them into photorealistic images that have never existed before.

Dall-E 2 - How it Works & Its Usage

DALL-E 2 can also realistically edit and retouch photos based on a simple natural language description; it can fill in or replace part of an image with AI-generated imagery that blends seamlessly with the original. It’s called “in-painting”.

In January 2021, OpenAI introduced DALL-E, a system that could generate images from text, like this “Avocado Armchair”.

DALL-E 2 takes the technology further with higher resolution, greater comprehension, and new capabilities like in-painting. It can even start with an image as an input and create variations with different angles and styles.

DALL-E was created by training a neural network on images and their text descriptions.

Through deep learning, it not only understands individual objects, like koala bears and motorcycles, but learns from relationships between objects. And when you ask DALL-E for an image of a koala bear riding a motorcycle, it knows how to create that or anything else with a relationship to another object or action.

Dall-E 2 - How it Works & Its Usage

The DALL-E research has three primary outcomes:

  • First, it can help people express themselves visually in ways they may not have been able to before.
  • Second, an AI-generated image can tell us a lot about whether the system understands us or is just repeating what it has been taught.
  • Third, DALL-E helps humans understand how advanced AI systems see and understand our world.

This is a critical part of developing AI that’s useful and safe. The technology is constantly evolving, and DALL-E 2 has limitations. If it’s taught with incorrectly labeled objects, like a plane labeled “car”, and a user tries to generate a car, DALL-E may create a plane.

It’s like talking to a person who learned the wrong word for something. DALL-E exemplifies how imaginative humans and clever systems can work together to make new things – amplifying our creative potential.


Open AI is a great masterpiece. It will bring more accessibility and save us time and resources; you need to know how to benefit from these AI-based tools. You can solve your problems in every field of life. It can work like an assistant for you. AI has the potential to bring many benefits to society. Still, it is essential to consider its use's ethical implications carefully and ensure that its development and deployment are done responsibly and transparently.

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