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What are backlinks and Why link building is important?

As by name backlink is a link of your website you place on another website pointing back to your site. It is a strong signal that makes your website a credible source of information.

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Google gives value according to the strength and number of backlinks you have made for your website
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A backlink on a popular website can also transfer a high volume of traffic.
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Backlinks also help the users to explore the information from the other pages on the internet.
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Websites having high-quality backlinks have a higher ranking in SERP
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Backlinks are also very important for local SEO backlinks from a specific region that can boost your website in that region.

A robust backlink strategy can boost your overall SEO by improving your search visibility, authority and traffic. As an experienced SEO agency we know the importance of quality backlinks and we develop a custom link-building strategy for each campaign.

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How did Backlinks Work?

When it comes to backlinks, forget the term quantity nowadays only quality matters. Many agencies deliver and promise a high volume of backlinks but in the end, you only get the links not the value to your website.
The four hidden rules to get quality backlink

Relevancy: The website from which you want to get backlinks should be relevant to your niche. If you are offering medical services, then the host website should be in the health niche not irrelevant like music, sports e.t.c.
Domain Authority: It is the score developed by Moz that shows the strength of a website calculated by different important factors. Always try to make a backlink on a high authority website it will give you more value.
Traffic: The number of traffic is also an important factor when making backlinks because the audience we get from relevant backlinks is the most targeted to our niche.
Spam Score: The spam score of a website shows how much spammy a site is. While creating backlinks make sure to build backlinks on spammy websites it will badly impact your website's SEO and search also consider your website spammy.

We have described the major elements that should be focused on while creating backlinks. As a link-building agency, we always care about these factors and many others to pick high-quality backlinks. Boost your link-building strategy with TechStrive to get more value to your business.

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We know

The Best Link Building Strategy For Your Business

Referring to the domain is the most important aspect of link building.
To get more benefits through link building you should acquire backlinks from multiple high authority and trusted domains.There are different types of backlinks do-follow and no-follow.
No backlinks can compete with a do-follow link from a relevant website with (high traffic and authority) it will improve your site authority and traffic as well No-follow backlinks do not impact much on the domain authority.
TechStrive uses advanced tools and methods to collect high-quality backlinks according to your backlink profile.
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"The best digital marketing agency out there"

TechStrive from Berlin is a very competitive agency that helps us in Google Ads, Social Media and SEO projects. We have very good communication on day to day. We can rely on TechStrive!

Roberto Angelucci Senior Digital Marketer
Roberto Angelucci
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

"One of the best marketing agencies"

TechStrive has managed several projects with great success. They have skills, knowledge and goodwill to have work done. If you are looking for marketing help, TechStrive is your best choice.

Regina Fickova Digital Marketing Manager Berlin
Regina Fickova
Digital Marketing Manager

"A team of great marketing experts"

TechStrive is a very competitive digital marketing agency from Berlin. They are always a phone call away and we can trust them. I highly recommend them for Google/ Facebook Ads, SEO and Website developement:)

Anke Davis Administration Manager
Anke Davis
Administration Manager

"The best marketing agency out there"

TechStrive created Google Ads and Facebook Ads for us at Freibeutler. It was a great experience and they increase the conversion/sales to 30%.

Bruno Rötting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire us (TechStrive) for SEO?

SEO is a fast-evolving industry and it needs at-least 6 months to see results. Google’s algorithm is always changing, it’s critical for a company to hire an expert in the SEO sector to handle it. We’re a full-service digital marketing that specialized in tailored SEO campaigns to improve your website’s organic ranking and traffic.

Steps of SEO

- Website audit
- Keyword analysis
- On-page analysis
- Technical SEO Optimizations
- Link Building
- Content Marketing
- Social Bookmarks

Others do SEO for 200 € a month?

Yes! but we will warn you about these kind of offers. With such a low budget people try to trick search engines with black-hat SEO techniques that will cause you a big problem in future. Cheap SEO can help you save money today – at the risk of permanently damaging your domain name in the eyes of search engines.

What is SEO and How It Works?

If you search on Google “Best resturants near me” this phrase is called keyword. You’d like to see the best resturant that are near by you. The goal of search engines is to give the best possible matching service to the user.
How it works is that Search engines analyze, or crawl, various websites (against each keyword) in order to better grasp what they website is about. This allows them to provide more relevant results to people looking for specific topics or keywords.

How much SEO services cost?

We have quite flexible pricing models that can suit your business needs. We are happy to have a call with you and learn more about your business needs and decide to work on either Per/hour rate or a fixed budget. Explore more about other services of TechStrive

Do you offer refund? If I am not happy with your SEO services?

We listen to your needs, goals, and your expectations first and then deliver you service. We are also happy to do any modifications after the service delivery. But if you are still not happy we will refund your money back 🙂.

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Why SEO?

Benefits of SEO

Our SEO services help you to grow your business organically by various benefits

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Brings more traffic to your website

Ranking on the first page is necessary to capture a large portion of organic traffic and SEO is one of the best ways that helps to attain this goal. Getting a position on the top pages is not much easy without quality SEO services.

Helps to land quality traffic

People mostly trust organic sources when they search for any query goal orientated and intent-based keywords research is the best method to target the right audience in SEO for your website.

Long Term Success Strategy

SEO is a long term marketing strategy in other marketing channels like PPC you can get instant results but that will work until you pay for that but in SEO once you get a position on top pages it will be a great source of traffic for months.

Improving User Experience

A major part of SEO is resolving technical issues of the website like website speed and broken pages and making sure that all the elements of the site are working. It helps to improve the user experience

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