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Server-Side Tracking

Server-Side Tracking

Want to learn about Server-Side Tracking? You are at the right spot. Server-Side Tracking is a method which collects users data directly from the users server instead of browser and provides accurate information. Server-Side Tracking allows you to get:

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Accurate and reliable data collection
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It is less susceptible to ad blockers
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It has no browser limitations
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Server-Side Tracking enhances privacy and security
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It reduces data loss
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Improve the accuracy of marketing analytics

Server-Side Tracking is a simple method which provides better insights for optimising marketing strategies and improving user experiences.

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What is Server-Side Tracking

Server-side tracking is a method used to gather users' data from website interactions by processing information on the server rather than on the client-side. Unlike traditional client-side tracking, where data is collected through scripts (Pixels) executed in users' web browsers, server-side tracking involves sending data directly to the server hosting the website.

This approach offers several advantages, including enhanced privacy compliance, reduced reliance on users' devices, and improved accuracy in data collection, especially in scenarios where client-side tracking might be limited or blocked. By leveraging server-side tracking, businesses can gain deeper insights into user behaviour, optimise website performance, and ensure data integrity and security

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About Server-Side Tracking

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Server side tracking is basically a platform which collects and sends users data from server directly to the third party server. Unlike the previous methods which used to collect data from users' browsers. Server-Side Tracking allows for more reliable and accurate user data. It has no influence of ad blockers, browser limitations, or user interference.

It can also enhance privacy and security, reduce data loss, and improve the accuracy of analytics. It is a reliable solution for businesses which provides better insights and improves the user's experience.

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Why Server-Side Tracking?

Disadvantages of Server-Side Tracking


How Does Server-Side Tracking Work?

  • A user clicks on your Meta/Google Ads.
  • The ad platform adds parameters like fblid or gclid to the URL.
  • The user lands on your website.
  • Your server intercepts the request, extracts the hidden tracking parameters, and processes the data.
  • The server sends the enriched data to your analytics tools such as GA4 and Matomo.
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  • It Bypasses Ad Blockers and ensures data is collected.
  • It offers accurate data collection and tracks conversions and events accurately.
  • It offers improved campaign optimization for better data that leads to more effective ad campaigns.
  • It helps optimise smart bidding on paid marketing channels with more conversion data.

GDPR Compliance

Server-side tracking can be GDPR-friendly with proper implementation:

  • Server-side tracking offers complete transparency and informs users about data collection and usage.
  • It obtains user consent for tracking.
  • Ensures data is securely handled.
  • We use inside country servers.

Difference between Server-Side Tracking and Client Side Tracking

Here are some basic differences between Server-Side Tracking and Client Side Tracking:

Server-Side Tracking
  • It collects data directly from the user server.
  • It is more accurate.
  • It ensures higher accuracy and less vulnerability to ad blockers and browser limitations.
  • It is more secure and hard to implement.
  • It requires a certain cost
Client Side Tracking
  • It collects data from the user's browser.
  • It may not be accurate.
  • It is affected by ad blockers, browser settings, and user interference, potentially leading to data loss or inaccuracies.
  • It is less secure but easier to implement.
  • Almost free to implement
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Server-Side Tracking Service Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Basic server-side tracking setup
  • Data Layer Implementation
  • First Party Data Collector
  • Analytical and Marketing Tools Integration
  • Servers In Germany
  • Scalable Setup
Starts from EUR 99,00