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Website Development Services

Functional design and responsiveness makes a website effective.

We have developed the websites for clients that are trendy, professional and sells. We’ve completed a number of projects successfully, with happy customers all around Europe. We deliver greatest services at a reasonable cost for the best results.

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Let's talk about your company's growth and winning strategy. The experts at our social media agency Berlin will take care of everything for you.

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We believe in

Optimized user experience!

Whether you need a webpage, a landing page, oran eCommerce site with hundreds of products you will need a web design or webdevelopment agency. We have got your back. We believe a website should bedeveloped having visitors in mind. As an experienced web development agency inBerlin. We ensure that a website performs flawlessly on all devices, we alwaysdevelop its separate mobile version. Our SEO web designs are fully optimizedaccording to search engine algorithms. We provide web development services toall types of businesses including corporate, enterprises, b2b and b2c. We willlisten to your needs and design the optimized website according to your ideas.We have a number of web development packages to choose from, depending on yourbudget.

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How we develop your website?


Hear what our amazing customers say

"The best digital marketing agency out there"

TechStrive from Berlin is a very competitive agency that helps us in Google Ads, Social Media and SEO projects. We have very good communication on day to day. We can rely on TechStrive!

Roberto Angelucci Senior Digital Marketer
Roberto Angelucci
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

"One of the best marketing agencies"

TechStrive has managed several projects with great success. They have skills, knowledge and goodwill to have work done. If you are looking for marketing help, TechStrive is your best choice.

Regina Fickova Digital Marketing Manager Berlin
Regina Fickova
Digital Marketing Manager

"A team of great marketing experts"

TechStrive is a very competitive digital marketing agency from Berlin. They are always a phone call away and we can trust them. I highly recommend them for Google/ Facebook Ads, SEO and Website developement:)

Anke Davis Administration Manager
Anke Davis
Administration Manager

"The best marketing agency out there"

TechStrive created Google Ads and Facebook Ads for us at Freibeutler. It was a great experience and they increase the conversion/sales to 30%.

Bruno Rötting

Frequently Asked Questions

How much website development cost?

It’s difficult to describe in a single sentence. Any web developer who can respond to this question without a proper brainstorming stage with client is not professional. Please use our contact form or give us a call. We just need to ask you a few questions about the nature of your business, your goals, and design expectations. Once we have all the info we would be happy to give you a quote. Explore more about other services of TechStrive

How long does it take to create a Website?

Normally this is determined by the customers needs. If you have a deadline, we can help you building it asap.

Can I keep my own domain?

Yes, you can keep your current domain. We will take care of everything.

Do you offer refund? If I am not happy with the website of anyother service?

We listen to your needs, goals, and your expectations first and then deliver you service. We are also happy to do any modifications after the service delivery. But if you are still not happy we will refund your money back 🙂

Do you provide SEO for my Website?

Yes, we offer full SEO services for the website. For more clarification please visit our SEO services.

Do you also provide Hosting service?

We also provide hosting services where we are hosting the websites for our clients. But if you have your own server you are not obliged to host with us.

Do you offer life time support?

Yes, we offer life time support to our customers. You will have full access of your content managment system but we are just a call away if you’d like to change anything on your website.

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Why Website Development?

Benefits of having a Website

Our web development services can help you grow your business.

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Build Brand Identity & Credibility 

When we talk about Search traffic the first thing that comes to mind is a website. The website helps a business to create its presence and credibility. Website is the most trusted source to grow digitally because most of the time people first try to find your brand website to buy your services or products.

Resourceful in marketing and advertising

Digital marketing can't be complete without a functional and attractive website. If you use any of the marketing channels like social media platforms, Google ads at the end you need a landing page of the website to attain your goals.

Easiest Way to Get Organic Traffic

Major portion of the online audience is covered by search traffic that we can only target if we have an attractive website. Google always shows the quality sites on the first page. A well-optimized website can drive a huge range of organic traffic.

Makes navigation easy

A well-structured website makes it easy for the user to find or navigate the products easily. Catchy call to action leads the user in the right direction and the user ends up buying your services. Ultimately it will improve leads for your business as well as users can easily contact you through your site.

Book a free consultation!

Let's talk about your company's growth and winning strategy. The experts at our social media agency Berlin will take care of everything for you.

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We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
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