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Three Main Differences BTW YouTube Ads VS Facebook Ads

Three Main Differences BTW YouTube Ads VS Facebook Ads

If you want to know about the main differences between Facebook & YouTube ads this is the right blog.

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YouTube ads and Facebook ads both belong to different platforms. YouTube uses Google ads while Fb ads use the Facebook platform. Both platforms have different returns on investments, according to the offer being promoted. In this post, we will share the main 3 differences between both ad platforms. 

For the comparison of both ads, we are giving the reference of consultants and coaches who sell services, courses and other programs. This comparison is not for e-commerce businesses that sell products. If you need some help or consultation regarding PPC services in Germany contact us.


1.) Less Competition = Cheaper Costs

In the early days, Google ads were considered one of the best platforms that businesses used to attract new clients. It was a time when Facebook ads did not exist. These days when businesses advertised their offers using Google ads, they were getting high profits as there was less competition and costs were extremely less. 

Today in 2022, everyone is using Facebook so millions of advertisers use Facebook and spend millions of dollars on FB ads. The cost of Facebook ads has increased to a level that now it's difficult to stay profitable by promoting using Facebook ads.

Now the good news is that YouTube ads fix this problem. It is completely opposite to Facebook issues. YouTube ads are like google ads were 20 years ago with a low rate, less competition, and high return on investment if can be used in the right way.  


2.) Excellent High-Quality Leads

YouTube is the 2nd highest popular search engine in the world after Google, which is its parent company. People use YouTube for entertainment, to fix their issues, and to learn something. The most searched keyword on YouTube is " How to "  people use this keyword to solve their problems eg. How to fix broken glass. How to gain weight etc. This is intent-based marketing.

In this way, we can get more leads by showing our ads to the most relevant audience who already need the solution to their issues. 

Like if you watch some life motivation videos you can run ads for your life goals training and there are more chances the audience will buy your training. 

You need just strong copywriting to get the leads and over-video advertising is a better option than image-based advertising because in the video you can show your personality and can win the trust easily by delivering a message in a more clear way. 


3) Paying Per Click vs. Paying Per View 

One of the biggest differences between Facebook and YouTube ads is that in FB ads you're paying per click. It means you will pay every time when someone clicks on your advertisement this random click will not turn into leads. Maybe someone is just curious about your product and has a look at it. 

In the YouTube ads, you will only be paid if someone watches your advertisement for at least 30 seconds. In this way, only people who will see your ads for 30 sec that will be really interested in your products. 

If someone skips the advertisement before 30 SEC then you will get a free advertisement. This is insane! This means that you will not be charged for the people who are not interested in your brand and skip the advertisement. 

As a top PPC company of Germany we have disclosed  the main differences between YouTube and Facebook ads. If you have any further queries call us for free consultation.

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