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SEO Tips For Small Business Owners- 6 Golden Ways to Improve Rankings

SEO Tips For Small Business Owners- 6 Golden Ways to Improve Rankings

This guide will cover all the crucial SEO steps you can perform by yourself to support your business.

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SEO is a challenging task for small business owners because as small business owners you are very busy with a lot of things and need more time to learn these skills at an advanced level.

As small businesses face the challenges of competing with larger rivals as well as other small businesses in the market, in this case, search engine optimization provides a helping hand to grow the business organically.

As an experienced SEO agency in Berlin, in this guide, we will cover all the steps you can perform by yourself & will help to build strong basic pillars of SEO to grow in organic research.

1. Create a Logical Website Structure

2. Fix All the Broken Pages

3. Keep the Unique Meta Titles and Description For all Pages

4. Pay Attention to the Content

5. Build Quality Links to your site

6. Maintenance of the Visibility on Social Media Platforms

1. Build The Logical Website Structure:

Every object depends on its structure, either a building or a website. Google recommends the SILO structure. According to Google, "Every page of the website should be accessible through a single static link"

We divide it into simple steps:

  1. You must keep all the important pages like (About us, Contact, Services) in the navigation.
  2. All your important pages should be connected to the home page.
  3. All the same types of subpages should be lying under a category.
  4. Every page should be accessible in up to one to three clicks. The drop-down menu should not go up to a deeper level. 
  5. The website should be responsive (device friendly). It should fit every screen.

If you are facing technical issues related to website structure, our website development experts in Berlin can fix this for you.

Website Structure Example
Here is the standard website structure

2. Fix All the Broken Pages:

Broken pages are the most dangerous for the website and the SEO. It is the same as going to the shop to buy some stuff and finding the closed door, then moving to the next shop. It badly impacts the user experience, and you can lose customers. 

It is necessary to find all the broken pages, and fixing them here is the complete process of finding and fixing this issue.


  1. Audit your website with an SEO audit tool to find the broken pages if you have many pages. As it is difficult to check every page one by one. 
  2. Redirect all the broken pages to the relevant new pages/addresses 
  3. Create a custom 404 page to deal with broken pages. In that case, if you missed fixing a broken page, the user will land on this custom 404 page, which leads the user to other pages of the website.
404 Page Example

Suppose you found it difficult to audit and find the broken pages from your website. As an SEO agency in Berlin, we offer Technical SEO services. You can get help to accomplish this particular task; We will do a brief SEO audit and solve all the issues.

3. Keep the Unique Meta Titles and Description For all Pages

After searching keywords on a search engine, the first thing a user finds is search snippets containing a title, description and URL. Every page should contain a unique and catchy Meta title and description.

Here are some steps to take care of your Meta title & descriptions

  1. Write a unique Meta Title & Description for every page on your website
  2. Meta Description Should Contain a Call to Action so the user can act as a website.
  3. Meta title length should be up to 50 to 60 characters 
  4. Meta Descriptions length should be up to 120 to 160 characters
  5. Use the main keywords in the title, but the description should describe the page shortly.
Search Snippet

To optimize all the Meta tags (Title & Description) with the keywords you can get the help of our on page SEO services.

4. Pay Attention to Content:

Content is the backbone of every campaign's success, whether paid or organic. No matter how good or attractive a website you have built, you need to fill it with quality content to grow for a long time. Content contains text, images, videos, and everything on a web page, but the major type of content is textual.

Google checks a website's content and understands whether the content is good for the search query that users are searching for; if not, google will not show it on the top pages. Good content does not mean you have to write the bulk of words on every page. Some pages can only justify a hundred words.

There are some rules of thumbs, of SEO for the content:

  1. Create keywords-based content 
  2. Use heading 1 for the main title of the content 
  3. Use subheadings up to h2-h6
  4. Do not do keywords stuff in the content 
  5. Every page should contain up to 150 to 200 words of content. 
  6. Make sure grammar and spelling are correct.

5. Build Quality Links to your site:

The more you have high-quality backlinks. The more your website ranks higher it is the stronger the ranking elements of search engines. There are multiple types of backlinks. Some of them are obsolete, but people still use old-school techniques like blog commenting etc. 

"The real backlink is the one that someone refers to naturally. In this case to your website", so try to win the natural backlinks. For that, you have to create quality content so other sites point their users towards your website for better content. 

There are some rules for making high-quality backlinks:

5.a Create citations on the multiple related places:

There are multiple business directories, whether local directories or international. Please find the best popular directories that are related to your business and get registered on them with the required details. This way, you can get a backlink and leads because people are already looking for solutions for their needs on these directories.

5.b Asks for the links from the relevant businesses and blogs:

This is the most popular way to outreach business owners or website managers to get the backlinks in their content.

Illustration of a Backlink Ico

6. Maintenance of the Visibility on Social Media Platforms:

Most people ignore social media and only focus on SEO and Paid campaigns, but nowadays, it has become compulsory for SEO because social signalling is also a ranking factor. A large portion of users can be a target on social media. People also search on social media, and your brand can appear there. So making an appearance on social media and its maintenance is very important.

Follow the process:

  1. Create business pages on all the relevant social media platforms
  2. Create a content calendar for every social media platform 
  3. Do interact with your audience by replying to their comments and reactions 
  4. Create some activities on social media, like some brands post some puzzles to solve etc.


We have discussed some crucial & basic SEO steps that business owners can do by paying some attention. No doubt, on an advanced level, these are the technical fields that create complexity, but do not worry if you have any queries or need a consultation regarding SEO. We are an experienced SEO agency in Berlin works with multiple small businesses and helping them to grow. Contact us for a free consultation.

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