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Google Ads Location Targeting Tips, Benefits and practices?

Google Ads Location Targeting Tips, Benefits and practices?

Every digital marketer wants to spend their budget wisely but how can it be possible while sticking to the low budget...

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Geo Targeting Location In Google Ads

Every digital marketer wants to spend their budget wisely but how can it be possible while sticking to the low budget the one from many options is to choose the right location so that we can know where our money is being spent? It is possible by selecting the right geotargeting location option in the google ads.
A Geotarget location is an option that helps you to choose in which areas or set of places your ads will appear.
In this guide, we will guide you on why you should use Geo-Targeting and how to set up the right campaign with a target location.

Why you should use Geo-Targeting in Google Ads

When you create a new campaign on Google ads it is set to all countries by default that is not the right thing its goes too much wider for a small business and as well as not suitable for a local business. Moreover, every business is not suitable for everyone you need to choose a location to target a specific audience. There are many benefits of Geo targeting.


The most attractive reason for using geo-targeting is saving money. It helps to avoid wasting our money and spending on the right audience who are qualified for our ads and most important is a resident of our target location.

Most of the time audience qualifies for an ad itself but the target location can be the reason for not getting quality leads and wasting money.

For Example:

An electric services company might be offering services to the entire US or specific areas.

Reach the right person:

Like if you are selling the most expensive products that an average person cannot buy, then you can target the elite areas of the town to target the rich audience.

Get your timing right:

You can also show your ads to the audience who are entering or exiting your areas by using the Geofencing option. It can be useful when a week-long conference going on near a business.

Testing New Markets:

Exploring the world is also creating new opportunities for you. You can run campaigns on a low budget in new areas and test. If you perform well then you can run more campaigns to get more benefits. Please keep in mind geo-targeting is only work on the campaign level so split your campaigns into different areas.

Deliver Personalized Experience:

An extraordinary thing that you can do is relate your local events with your business by creating promotions with the use of geo-targeting.

Example: If an event is occurring near your restaurant. you can run a special promotion for that event.

How to set up Target Location in Google Ads?

To implement the Geotarget location select the target campaign, click on the setting tab and scroll down to the location option:

1) Choose ” Enter another Location “

2) Write your desired location in the search bar and when it appears then select it. It can be a state, city, province and postal code.

If you will click on the advance option a popup will appear that will contain 3 options:

Add: You can add your location to the list

Exclude: You can add a location where you don’t want to show your PPC ads

Nearby and related locations: You can add nearby locations as well that you might be considered.

A common mistake in Google Ads when setting up a campaign

When you are setting up a campaign in Google Ads, you choose to geotarget.  

Let’s say in our example below: We want to run an ad and target the people who live in Germany. But there’s a tricky expansion menu a lot of people forget about under Location options.

When you open this you will see the default way Google will show your ads, and here is the problem:

This means that your ads will appear outside of your geographical target area if a user “shows interest” in the regions you’ve chosen, according to Google’s definition. Therefore we highly recommend that you select the second option (in green) if you would like to only target the people in your selected locations.

Doing this practice will improve your Leads quality over time and save your budget as well.

Take a look at below video to understand more about this mistake and how to avoid it.

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