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12 Actionable and proven SEO tips and tricks

12 Actionable and proven SEO tips and tricks

Every business wants to rank its website top on Google search results. Being on top of Google search results means...

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If you are not an SEO expert you might have heard about SEO right? Every business wants to rank its website top on Google search results. Being on top of Google search results means you have a high chance to get more traffic and eventually grow your business. Google has certain sets of rules on which Google measures the quality of a website and assigns it a rank number according to that and it shows only high-quality sites on the top results. If you will follow these rules and optimize your website then you have the chance to show your website on the top results. If your websites violate these points then your website can be de-rank by Google. To optimize your site according to Google you should know about SEO here we have to give some beneficial tips and techniques by which you can improve your website SEO score and as well as rank in Search engine result pages.

As an SEO Agency in Berlin, we disclose 12 tips, tricks that can boost your SEO

1. Improve the speed of your website:

Yes, you need to remove the elements that are making your website slow. You can just find it out by going to Google speed test and following the instructions.

Speed is the most important factor of SEO that can directly impact the ranking and as well as user experience. Do you ever like to use a webpage that takes too much time to load? Once users land on our website we should try to hold them on our web pages so that they don't exit the web page immediately for that the first factor is speed. It can be improved by the following techniques

1)  By using short size images

2)  Getting fast hosting services

3)  Don’t use extra widgets and media on your website that makes it slow

4)  Reduce the extra HTML, CSS and javascript

2. Start building your content around your keywords with the mind reader:

In the Search engine result pages, everyone plays with the keywords and you should also have some set of queries on which you wanna rank your website and for that, you need to work on that keywords throughout the SEO plan The number one and the most important part is to create content on the target keywords while keeping the user intent in the mind. User Intent is the purpose of the query behind a keyword. For example: if someone wants to buy shoes he will not search “ types of shoes” he will search about the “Buy men’s shoes, “top shoe companies”, “shoe sales”. After creating the content you should optimize it properly with the keywords in the top paragraph and the important elements like Meta tags, heading tags etc.

3. Encouraging others to link to your site:

In our day-to-day life, we have some authority or PR in society and that can be judged by the people's strong links and financial status, the same as it is in Google’s eyes if your website has links to high authorities websites then you are a good guy. Content is also helpful in this case if you will create informative and high-quality content then other sites pointing links towards your content. This term is called backlinks “to get links from other websites”. Google likes the quality, not the quantity. To make quality backlinks please follow some guidelines.

1)  Try to write content that should appeal to other people so that they can link to your website.

2)  Get backlinks from the relevant niches websites

3)  Avoid making spammy backlinks

4)  Share your content on social media to get the social signal

4. Your website should load between 2-3 seconds:

As we have early discussed speed optimization. It is very much important to have your website loading speed between 2-3 seconds. As Google always tries to give the best user experience to the reader. Google launched an algorithm “Core Web Vital” that is basically about the user experience in this core update a factor name LCP (Large contentful paint) according to that 70% of your website should be loaded in 3 to 4 seconds.

5. Use H1 Tag for one page:

H1 is the major part of the content that is clearly shown to users and crawlers as well. when google bots visit you it doesn't read the entire content on the webpage it only reads the heading tags of the page to get an overview of the content. So we should optimize our targeted keywords in the H1 section and as well as in other heading tags as it gives a more clear structure to a page.

6. Write an optimized Meta description of your website:

When you search a query on a search engine it shows the multiple websites snippets that include the meta titles, meta description and as well as the page URL. So meta description is the basic thing that helps users to know about your website before landing on your site. If it will be more attractive and optimized then it can get a high ranking and it also improves click-through rate.

7. Add the alt text to all your images on the website:

When we think about image optimization, image alt text is the major element. There are 2 purposes behind this alt tag. The first is it helps the crawlers to get information about the image and another one is whenever the internet becomes too slow down and images on the website cannot load properly then alt text shows an alternative source of the image. We should use our main keyword in the alt text.

8. Compress your images:

 When we talk about the content it is not only in the textual format it can be images, videos, audio, gifs, etc. To make our webpage attractive we need to use a different type of media but on the other hand, it also slows down the website speed due to its heavy size so to get rid of this thing. We should compress the images or any kind of other media without losing its quality and then we should upload it to our site to get a better user experience by making your website super-fast.

9. Find Spammy links on your website and remove them:

As we discussed, a high-quality backlink can help your website to improve its authority, on the other hand, spammy backlinks can lead your website to lose ranking and also can be penalized by google. A link can be a spammy backlink due to several factors.

1)  Links on the irrelevant websites

2)  Links on other language websites

3)  Links on the spammy websites that are already penalized by Google

4)  Naked URL and many more factors

 Online SEO tools and find the links with low-quality links to your website and remove them from your website.

10. Have a clear URL structure:

A website URL is a part of the site that shows in the search snippet on the search engine results. It also impacts the click-through rate as well as the ranking. We should make our URL user-friendly and search engine-friendly. To optimize the Url you need to follow these steps:

1)  Your focus keywords should be in the URL

2)  URL should be quite a clear path

3)  It should not contain the symbols like *&^%$#%#%

11. Write original content:

Content is king in the digital marketing world, but it does not mean you only focus on the quantity and produce it continuously. Your content should be worthy and informative as well as original. You cannot copy the content of others. It can penalize the website because google has strong algorithms to check duplicate content of the websites so always try to create original and worthy content that fulfills all the needs of the searchers. A number of things you should keep in mind while creating the content:

1)  Check plagiarism in the content.

2)  Check the grammar of your content.

3)  Check the heading elements are clear and attractive.

4)  The length of content should be according to the topic.

5)  Keep the searcher’s intent in mind while creating content.

12. Try to use videos in your content:

Nowadays life is quite fast and people try to consume data in a short time so using video content is the best way to explain your vision or purpose of the content to the audience. It also makes your web page attractive.

1)  The video should be relevant to your point of view

2)  Try to use embedded video on the page

3)  Use short and compressed video on your web page

In this topic, we have covered some SEO tips and tricks that can boost your SEO and as well as rankings in the practical world. You should recap it once again before implementing it on your website:

1)          Improve the speed of your website

2)          Start building your content around your keywords with the reader in mind

3)          Encouraging others to link to your site

4)          Your website should load between 2-3 seconds

5)          Use H1 Tag for one page

6)          Write an optimized Meta description of your website:

7)          Add the alt text to all your images on the website

8)          Compress your images

9)          Find Spammy links on your website and remove them

10)      Have a clear URL structure

11)      Write original content

12)      Try to use videos in your content

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